Do you want to develop a HOTEL or CONFERENCE space?

Our design department will prepare the concept, which, after your approval, we will carefully execute. You can also commission us to implement the project based on an existing project.

It is worth mentioning that as part of creating hotel and conference spaces, we also deal with additional services, e.g. selection of furniture and small architecture, design and implementation of play areas for children and relaxation zones with Wi-Fi access, or the implementation of green roofs and walls. These and other additional services can be included in the overall project or performed as a separate order.

We provide a guarantee for all our work.


We have been FOR MORE THEN 20 YEARS on the landscape greenery market so in the meantime we have had many chances to:

  • do ‘unachievable’ work,
  • fit into limited budget,
  • do short-term project,
  • evaluate the quality of available materials on the market,
  • cooperate with national and foreign producers,
  • follow the change of market trends.

Our experience allows us to be flexible and ready for challenge.

We look forward to working with you.

Are you planning an investment?

We will help you realize it by creating the space around it and arranging its interiors.

Download our inspiration and offer folders.

Ask for quote regarding design/implementation

If you have a ready project, please send an inquiry to Please provide basic data facilitating its detailed valuation and files, e.g. maps, projections, descriptions. For those interested, we can also provide space on our server.

If you do not have a project, we will be happy to prepare an offer for it. Please use this form.