Our project St. George Park Land Art has been selected in the competition Landscape Odyssey 2015 of which we are very pleased. We invite you to Budapest from April 24 to May 10.

Below are the official selection results.

Landscape Odyssey 2015 Exhibition. We are sending information about the results of the selection of projects for the exhibition organized by the Hungarian Association of Landscape Architects. 14 projects in 5 categories were sent for selection. As a result of the jury’s vote (scoring from 1 to 3), the following projects were qualified to participate in the exhibition:

01 garden design Grass garden near Krakow, PPA podczaszy pracownia architektury (11 pts)

02 space design Revitalization of selected areas in the Solec-Zdrój municipality, Argo Atelier, Piotr Hardecki Architekt (14 pts)

03 urban landscape Modernization of St. Michael’s Square. Michal and ul. Piłsudskiego in Sanok, PPA podczaszy pracownia architektury (14 pts).

04 landscape development Szczecin Yacht Harbor, located on Grodzka Island and at the Wharf. Old Town on Lasztownia, PPA podczaszy architecture studio (15 pts)

06 research and theory The impact of succession on the territory of the Bieszczady National Park, Urszula Forczek-Brataniec (11 pts)

08 land art & street art
St. George Park Land Art, CALLA (9 pts)

Jury composition: arch. country. Irena Bajerska (SARP Competition Judge). arch. country. Paweł Bartman (Bartman Pracownia Architektury Krajobrazu) dr hab. Eng. arch. Alina Drapella-Hermansdorfer (Wroclaw University of Technology) dr inż. arch. country. Kinga Kimic (SGGW, Department of Landscape Architecture) mgr inż. Agnieszka Szulc (Municipal Road Administration, Poznan)

The exhibition will open on April 24 in Budapest and will be on display there until May 10. The exhibition will be accompanied by an international conference (May 8-10) and the presentation of the next edition of the Landscape Architecture Europe 2015 yearbook, a publication published every 3 years, presenting a selection of European projects.