• Saving space
  • Decorative element
  • Any shapes and sizes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great arrangement possibilities
  • Air improvement
  • Noise protection
  • Dividing space
  • Panel system made of elements
  • Plant panels filled with special substrate
  • Many possible system arrangements
  • Automatic watering (from outside to inside circuit)
  • Special lightening

CALLA company is the representative of GSky in Poland. GSky company is the worldwide producer of living walls systems. Below we would like to show you several exaples of green wall projects made on the basis of GSky system. The pictures are published thanks to the courtesy of GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

Artificial green walls

Panels containing high quality artificial plants, no maintenance needed. Artificial green walls are suitable in any interior, where natural greenery can not be use. They make excellent and durable decoration imitating natural green facades.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple installation
  • Immediate green wall effect
  • Wide range of patterns and colours
  • Different materials

More information and the application examples of the selected systems can be found in the leaflets. Please click on the links below:

CALLA.pl_Frames with moss_Obrazy z mchu

CALLA.pl_Live Picture_Zielone obrazy

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